June Mood Board & Intentions

Wake up! It’s June! Where did the time go! In the blink of an eye, we are almost halfway through the year of 2022. Saying that out loud physically makes me ill, lol. June is a big month of me, as it is a milestone marker for me and many people around my age. June is the month that marks one year at my job. It’s the month that I signed my first apartment lease. It’s the month I committed to going to graduate school. All of those things have shaped me and quite literally put me where I am today, and all of those things happened just a year ago. I wouldn’t say that I have changed since last year, but my life sure has. From uprooting in Texas to becoming a transplant in Chicago, beginning my career and furthering my education, there has been a lot of time for growth and opportunities. I reflect on all of this because as I go into this month, I want to be able to look back on me today and think the same things. That growth needs to continue, and it will if I set the right intentions.

Setting intentions of the month of June will help guide me throughout another (hopefully successful) month. My intentions are…

  • Connect my mind to my body during workouts and movement throughout the day
  • Make time for myself each day
  • Write and post three times a week
  • Make a budget and stick to those guidelines, especially on the weekends
  • Take more time to check in on others, even if you haven’t connected in a while
  • Be mindful fo my sleeping habits
  • Discover new ways to stay motivated on a physical and emotional level
  • Spend less money on materialistic items
  • Explore my creativity within fashion

In order for me to visualize these intentions, I have tried to shift these words to photos by creating a mood board. If you are a visual person like myself, I recommend doing this so you can see and remind yourself of your intentions throughout the month. Remember, these are not goals, as you do not have to feel discouraged if you do not achieve them. Intentions are meant to serve as a guide, and incorporate mindful habits into your daily routine. There is no pressure to complete a task, but an opportunity for you to focus on yourself from the inside out.

January 2022 Mood Board

I’ve never made one of these before, but I saw someone make a mood board and use it as their laptop background which I think is a great idea. My mood board consists of photos and other forms of digital media that inspire me and where I want to put my focus on in January 2022.

I made this mood board on The Landing, and will continue to make one a month through the rest of 2022. If you want to see the rest of follow me on The Landing or subscribe to my website (:

The Life Balance

A life balance – words that have seemed foreign to me recently. Right now everyone is busy adjusting to new lifestyles: new school, new city, new job, whatever it may me it can be overwhelming.

Just a couple months ago I moved to Chicago, somewhere I had really never been to prior to my big move. I began a new job in a field I knew nothing about. Right after I began working, I started my full-time masters program online. Sounds like a lot right? Well it was extremely overwhelming at first. With the combination of a new city, new job and new school, I was left with little time for myself. I was missing out on all of my favorite things like cooking, going on long walks, working out, and even writing. If you have read my blog before this post you may have noticed I have been a little M.I.A. Well, that’s because I’ve been figuring out my life balance.

Finding your life balance is like searching for the perfect balanced diet – it’s near to damn impossible. But slowly after the trial and error of new routines, you are able to figure it out a little bit better to work towards your end goal. My goal of my life balance is to have enough time for work, school, myself and my friends. That’s it. But I know that’s a lot to ask and prioritize. When you have a full plate you have to figure out your prioritizes; what you need to do (like work and school), who you want to spend time with and what you need to do for yourself to make your mental capacity better down the road. Those three things that I carry with me day to day help keep me on track and find my balance.

If you’re struggling with finding time for yourself, remember that the only person that can make that time is you. Our schedules fill up so fast, but we can make our own time just as quick. For me, I have a hard time saying now because I tend to be people pleaser. Saying “yes” to everything makes other people happy, but overall leaves minimal time for myself. Sometimes it can be as easy as turning down a night out or a quick lunch just to make room for things you need to do for you. That’s not being selfish, that’s looking for yourself. And no one looks out for you like you do.

In all of my craziness I know that I am not alone. So many people are going through extensive & time consuming life changes, and nothing is too big or too small. While this can be such an overwhelming time of our lives, things will even out. As I have been balancing my changes for the past couple months, I am finally finding my groove again to make time for myself as every part of the day counts. Yes, it is important to work hard, but it’s almost as important to play harder.

The Oversaturation Of Instagram Influencers

Brace yourself for my unpopular opinion.

Instagram influencers are the backbone of product advertising. Every time you go on Instagram think about how many times you scroll past a post promoting a product. And when I say a promoted product it doesn’t have to be from the self-proclaimed influencer, but even from your favorite actor or athlete. So, now that you’re thinking of it that way, it’s probably a lot. On my social media pages it seems like I can’t pass three post without seeing a photo with the caption #ad. A few years ago, this marketing tactic worked. Extremely well. Now? The excessive Princess Polly and Crest Whitening Strips ads aren’t cutting it.

Before we talk about the downfalls of influencer marketing, let’s talk about its perks. Customers like hearing from a person that they trust. The word influencer is defined as “a person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media”. They influence because they are trusted. Without these people having a trusted following, they wouldn’t be able to get other people to buy what they “love” so much. Have I bought things that an influencer promotes? Absolutely! I have girls and accounts that I follow that I feel like I have built a connection with, which makes me trust their recommendations, which leads me to purchase their beloved product. This form of product advertising does work. But it has to be done correctly. And as it has become more popular, this form of advertising is over saturating the product market. Therefore, decreasing its effectiveness.

Despite brand’s best efforts to appeal to the Gen Z and Millennial age group, something is missing between the consumers & their sought after purchase. These generations have taken it into their own hands to become a typical “Instagram influencer”, and it’s hurting the market. And I want to note that I am not knocking influencers in any sort of way. I know it is crazy hard work, time and effort to achieve the things that they do. Shoot I even struggle to work my full time job and get blog post up a few times a week. They work hard, but the influencer world is overdone. Oversaturated. It has been roughly ten years since Instagram started, and about the same time since the first influencers gained their following. Technology is evolving, and so is the product advertising in a digitally driven world.

According to Forbes, affiliate marking is already maturing. While it seems like every brand is on social media looking for people to push their product out to their target audience, classic, luxury brands like Bottega Veneta have steered clear of this tactic. Could this be because the market has too many brand’s doing too similar of advertising? Part of me thinks so. I give these luxury brands props for sticking to traditional advertising methods that seem to be working. Bottega doesn’t seem to be having a problem as their Mini Jodie & Chain Pouch have been seen everywhere for the past year.

Despite the constant change in advertising tactics, product marketing is important. And necessary for a brand to succeed. The question that remains though is what is next for the “influencer” world? Will Instagram remain on top, or will a new platform reign in the world of influencers? Hard to say due to the evolution of technology, but keep your eyes peeled for something other than the #ad.

What I’ve Been Loving

I don’t know about you but when I find something I love, I love it. I will love it so much I will run it into the ground and then randomly one day just hate it. But for the time being, they are they best things around. This goes for anything; clothes, breakfast foods, tv shows, etc.

Everything listed below is what I’ve been loving the past few months.

Tinx Erewhon Smoothie

I have a feeling this smoothie is going to be a breakfast go-to for a while. This smoothie “taste like a healthy chocolate milkshake” and is INSANELY filling. Full of protein and healthy fast, I have made this two days in a row and I don’t see this slowing down soon.

Here is where I found the recipe (I add a little honey as well).

New Balance 990v5 Sneakers

These have been a favorite since February, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Despite the fact these may look like dad sneakers they are trendy in an ironic way. Sometimes I even sub these for my running shoes if I’m going on a long walk – and honestly can say I’ve never worn a comfier shoe.

These are hard to come around as they are selling out quickly, so click here because Shopbop currently has them stocked up in every size.

Trucker Hats

The hats that have been seen everywhere this summer are a staple to my wardrobe. I love wearing trucker hats with braids, my hair down, in a bun – honestly this accessory never fails me. Some people are saying these will go out of style soon, but I guarantee a baseball style hat will never go out of style.

This hat specifically is from Aviator Nation, but I have also purchased hats from Amazon and Depop.

Anything Goes podcast hosted by Emma Chamberlin

I am a big podcast person. I love podcast because I can get content while on the go. This podcast in particular is at the top of my list. Anything Goes is hosted by Emma Chamberlin and is my go to podcast when I need a reminder that life is going alright, lol. This was recommended to me by my college roommate who describe listening to Emma talking “is like talking to a friend”. I couldn’t describe it better myself.


I am in the process of looking for new items for my first apartment, and a quickly realized that furnishing a new place is PRICEY. Like very pricey. And most of the time if you want high quality/ long lasting items, it comes with a hefty price tag. AptDeco carriers brands like CB2, Article, West Elm and more that are lightly used and at a great price point. And even better – they ship to select areas.

Kosas Sun Show Baked Bronzer

This bronzer is the highlight of my makeup routine – literally. This gives the perfect summer glow that every person is trying to achieve.

This comes in three shades but they always seem to be out of stock, so run to Sephora while they still have them.

Color Wow Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray

This spray has single-handedly saved the texture of my hair. This anti-fix and heat protectant works like a charm, I. haven’t used anything better. I spray this in my hair as soon as I get out of the shower. You’re supposed to then style immediately after, but it still works after air drying and then going in with a straighter. 10/10, couldn’t recommend more.

All sold out on Sephora, but get this on Amazon today.

Outdoor Voices Powerhouse Bra

This is by far my favorite sports bra I have ever won. This blows every Lululemon bra out of the water. This is best for high impact workouts or for running, and will keep you in place and comfortable the whole time.

This comes in four colors and is finally back on OV’s website.

Lessons I Have Learned In A Year

Just over a year ago I started this website out of boredom to use as a creative outlet during quarantine. At the time I was entering my senior year of college, working through being unemployed and navigating where I was going to be as one chapter of my life was closing. Throughout that time so much has changed in my life. I have since graduated college, started a full time job, worked an internship, the list goes on and on. The past twelve months were the most I’ve ever grown as a person and I wouldn’t change anything for the world. But with growth comes hardships, and with hardships come lessons. I have learned so much about myself and those around me and am extremely grateful for where I am today.

Have I learned a lot? Yes. Do I think I know everything there is to know about life? Absolutely not. I am just now entering into my real adult life and am about to figure out how fast life hits you, especially learning how to deal with finances lol. But I am ready for that next chapter especially after an extremely tiring year. This past year was difficult for all of us adjusting to a “new normal” during a large part of our lives. Whether you were in high school not getting your normal, social experience or an adult not knowing how to stay attentive in the workplace from the comfort of your living room, it was tough. And so I don’t think it was just me that grew, but everyone. Everyone spent more time with themselves than they have before and this self-discovery is leading to lots of people working on themselves. Now I don’t want to think of taking care of myself as “work”, but it is. At the end of the day you are the only person you have, so make sure you take care of yourself. I know I am trying to take care of me.

With that being said, here are some lessons that I have learned over the past year.

Learn to stop caring about what people think about you. Everyone is too focused on themselves.

The hard truth. Do you ever post something on Instagram and you’re concerned with how your body is posed at a “bad” angle? Or if your smile looks a little weird? Yes, of course you do. Otherwise you’d open Instagram and take photos straight from the app opposed to uploading from your camera roll. Okay, so what if I told you no one cared? No one cares how you look, what you’re doing or who you are with. Why? Because everyone is too focused making sure they are putting the best version of themself out there for everyone to see. This goes past appearance as well, my website is a perfect example. I could post everyday on this website and never tell anyone about it because I am scared that people will make fun of me behind my back. But do I care? Maybe a little, but not really. I am doing something I love and talking about things I am so passionate about which at the end of the day is what is important to me. So wear the outfit, post the photo, just do things that will make you fulfilled.

If you are passionate about something, purse it.

The word pursue I think could be my word if the year. In my case, pursuing refers to my admiration for the fashion industry. Ever since I was a kid I have wanted to work in fashion, but kind of let that go as I heard all of the stigma around working in that industry. “It is so competitive, you will never make it”. “You know you can’t make any money in fashion”. The negativity around what I am passionate about is off-putting, and I want to change that. Twenty one years later and I still want to go into something that is talked about so negatively. And because I still had this mindset I changed the trajectory of my future. I worked extremely hard at an unpaid internship just for exposure. I had my first articles published in a magazine. I got into Parsons graduate school to get my masters in fashion management. And this all happened within the past year! So if you are passionate about something, pursue it. Passion will get you anywhere.

People who want to be in your life will make an effort to stay there.

This one is big. People come and go in your life, that is natural. People can still remain extremely close to you while growing into themselves, and sometimes that individual growth will take you in different directions. And that is okay! But people can walk out of your life in a more difficult manner, which is a hard pill to swallow. I have had people that I thought I was so close to leave and not come back, and that can be extremely hard. But on the bright side, I have also had people who have stuck by my side no matter what is going on in my life. And those are the people that I want to surround myself with as much as I can. Because when your friendships are so secure and you know that no matter what happens you will have your people, even if it’s just two or three, you have it all. And people who want to stick around will make sure you know that they want to be with you. The effort that they put into your friendships shows a lot about what they think if you. So if you love them just as much, make sure you let them know.

Stop saying no so much.

Be smart about this one, you should NOT say yes to everything. What I mean by this is to put yourself out there more, and you will have more life experiences and memories to take with you as you get older. For example, if someone ask you on a date? Say yes. If your friends want to go to the bar on a Tuesday night? Say yes. At least for me, I am at a time in my life that every adult looks back on and says they were the best years of their lives. I want to be able to look back at this time of my life and think that this were the best years I have had because I grew and experienced so many new things. So next time you ask me to do something out of my comfort zone; the answer is yes. Life isn’t getting any shorter.

Budget. Your. Money.

On a more practical note, think about budgeting your money far in advance before you need to. Because I am now twenty one years old, living at home with my parents, just started working for the first time after a year and a half, and signed on a new apartment in Chicago. I wish so badly that I would have started budgeting money more wisely throughout my college years, and not spending it all on clothes from Urban Outfitters that will get ruined from a cup of jungle juice in a frat basement. Money is a sensitive topic for many that I am still trying to learn about, but for now my advice is budget your money. This is also a reminder for me to budget mine as well lol.

Your gut health and mental health are directly connected.

I have been gluten and (mostly) dairy free for two years now. I had always had a sensitive stomach but never knew what was wrong, then later found out it was gluten and dairy causing me pain. In the two years that I have fixed my stomach. I have felt so great, mentally and physically. I found out from a doctor that your brain and your gut health are directly correlated. SO with me learning how to fix my stomach problems, it also helped me mentally. If you take care of your body properly and fuel yourself with the right foods that make you feel amazing, stick to it. And those foods are different for everyone so I can’t give any advice there. But find out what works for you and keep it consistent because you will almost immediately see and feel a difference.

Everything will work out.

Last but certainly not the least; everything will work out. This is still a hard pill for me to swallow, but you just have to trust that whatever you’re going through will be okay. This is such a general lesson but I try to remind myself this in every single situation I put myself into. I am the world’s biggest overthinker, which is something I am working on. So for that I am trying to run through steps in my head when I worry about things, the first one being “is this out of my control”? If the answer is yes, let it go. You just have to have faith that everything will be okay. Doesn’t matter if that is in two week or two years, if something is meant to be it will be.

T.J. Maxx Has A Website… And This Is What You Need

I have always wanted T.J. Maxx to make a website and since COVID hit they finally have made the transition to e-commerce. They have the best prices, but honestly it takes a lot of digging to find great things there. But when you find something, you strike gold.

I have done the digging for you by making a mini T.J. Maxx catalog of things that you need. Some of these are more “higher end” products that are super hard to find at these prices.

You’re welcome!

February Favorites

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I have so many favorites from this past month that I have to share. These things bettered my February from beauty to food to fashion – three of my favorite things.


New Balance 990 V5 Sneaker

I have styled these shoes in my blog post about Aritzia’s spring TNA collection, and have worn them almost everyday. For me, these are the new Jordan 1’s and Air Forces. Calling the shots now!


TNA The Super Puff Mid

This jacket was a lifesaver up north. I have never had a Canada Goose, but people who have had both jackets have said this is equally & if not warmer. I tend to wear only neutral colors, so getting this bright red color spiced up my winter outfits a bit.


Love Wellness Bye Bye Bloat

If you have any sort of hormonal bloating, these are a game changer. This is a horrible problem for me and I can genuinely say that these have saved me from the uncomfort of bloating. Being bloated is OKAY and totally NORMAL, but especially if you have stomach problems it can hurt, and this definitely helps.


Crate & Barrel Clear Mugs

I got these mugs as a Christmas gift and I am obsessed with them! I love drinking coffee, tea, etc. so being able to see the drinks that I make every morning in an aesthetic way makes them ten times more enjoyable.


ALV Jewels Snake Chain

I have been eyeing ALV Jewels for forever! I went in to my local boutique and they had these chains in stock and as soon as I left the store I put it on. I will wear this on it’s own or in a stack and it is super versatile to dress up or down. I cannot wait to order more from ALV Jewels to pair with this one (:


Outdoor Voices Shorts & Crop Top

I bought this set a few months back and have gotten SO much wear out of them. The crop top fits like a sports bra and is great to do a high (ish) intensity workouts in or to wear casually while running errands. And the shorts suck you in and are the perfect workout shorts!


Because We Got High Podcast

This new Barstool podcast was recommended to me by my roommate and is the perfect “mindless” podcast to listen to while doing something else. The host do their episodes in alphabetical order, picking three topics under that letter to talk about that week. Super interesting and entertaining to listen to while you clean your room, drive, cook, etc.


Sunday Riley C.E.O. Vitamin C Cream

I used to use the Drunk Elephant Vitamin C Serum which I love, but needed something heavier to brighten my skin. I got this to brighten my skin and give it moisture at the same time since the my skin gets so dry living up north. This was the PERFECT combo, and I use it every morning. Couldn’t complete my morning routine without it!

14 Things TikTok Has Taught Me

For most Millennials and Gen Z, TikTok is the new internet explorer. I’ll admit that I was very skeptical of the app at first as it was primarily targeted towards younger kids. As people over the age of eighteen began to enter the platform, it completely changed the way the app was managed. People were now promoting brands, creating advertisements, sharing information and so much more that honestly, for me, it has become such a learning space. Every day I save a new recipe or a new website to find new clothes. There is seriously so much information on there that has benefited my life. SO if you are over eighteen and still think you’re too mature for TikTok – think again.

1. Drinks to make to not feel hungover

At a young twenty one years old, I get horribly hungover. I will do ANYTHING to not feel the wrath of last nights alcohol consumption. And these drinks are tasty too.


2. Where I should actually be applying my makeup

This has been the ultimate makeup game changer I have found on TikTok. My face seems instantly lifted and gives me a very sought after Bella Hadid look.


3. How to start incorporating color into my wardrobe

Wearing more color has been a New Years resolution of mine, and I have done a good job so far lol! I recently posted a TikTok about how to style a leather blazer, and was very impressed with the colors I included in my outfits.


4. How to pose in photos

Don’t act like you haven’t saved these before. I am a top-tier awkward human, and never know how to pose in a photo. Knowing how to pose myself makes me feel more confident which makes the photo come out ten times better.


5. Where to online shop

Do I need more places to online shop? Not really. But it’s just so therapeutic. Online shopping for me is like checking my social media – I am always look at stores to see their updated arrivals. Some of my favorite places are Revolve, SSENSE and ASOS but if you have any recommendations please let me know.


6. I don’t have COVID every day, I just didn’t get enough sleep

Every day I swear I wake up with something wrong with me. But then I come across TikTok’s like this and they remind me that I am indeed just a hypochondriac, I do not have COVID, appendicitis, or any other illness every day ❤


7. I WILL live in New York someday

I have wanted to live in New York long before I had ever been there. It is the hub of the industries I am interested in working in, fashion and beauty, and a place where I can immerse myself in a fast paced environment with like-minded people.


8. How to improve my Adobe Photoshop skills

Yes, I was a graphic design student in college, but honestly most of it was self taught. Even with Adobe Illustrator, the application I use to freelance design on, I was self taught. TikTok has such amazing videos on Adobe tips and tricks I had never seen before, and I definitely save every single one.


9. I should pre-make my salad in jars

Now THIS was done by a genius. I would say I tend to eat fairly healthy because of my stomach problems (I am gluten and dairy free). Eating clean can be extremely time consuming, so finding ways to meal prep is always needed.


10. How to get boozy on a budget

Everyone knows that Trader Joe’s has cheap wine, but they have such a wide selection it can be hard to determine which ones are actually worth the purchase. This solved all of my problems!


11. What jobs are currently accepting applications

This has been so helpful for so many driven individuals. TikTok will pick up the type of content you interact with, and provide similar content on your “for you page”. Since I interact with lots of fashion content, I see lots of fashion job opportunity videos. This keeps me motivated and in the know while job hunting.


12. That I will decorate my home like Kendall Jenner’s

The amount of times I have watched Kendall Jenner’s Architectural Digest is… a lot.


13. What I should be for Halloween

This is always everyone’s biggest internal debate of the year. Sometimes Pinterest can be outdated when it comes to these things, but TikTok was definitely up to date with the trends this year.


14. What to play on aux if you don’t know what to play on aux

I have aux anxiety for sure. I love music and know so much about it, but my mind always goes blank when someone tells me to connect to their speaker. These songs are around the same type of music I would normally play, so it’s always good to have some ideas.