I constantly watch these Vogue 73 Questions on Youtube and thought it would be a good “get to know me” as a first blog post. Just 73 random (ish) questions about me, for you.

Here is the Youtube playlist of the Vogue 73 questions, which range from interviews of Michael B. Jordan to Hailey Bieber.

My 73 Questions

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you about life right now?
    • Eight
  2. Describe yourself in hashtag?
    • #basic
  3. What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
    • I only wear one contact
  4. What is your wakeup routine?
    • Answer to notifications, write in my gratitude journal, get myself ready for the day and do a workout.
  5. What is your go to bed ritual?
    • Skincare routine, brush teeth, put in night guard (very important lol), go on TikTok, pray and then hopefully fall asleep.
  6. Dream country to visit?
    • France; I’ve been before but I cannot wait to go again.
  7. What’s your favorite time during the day?
    • The morning; how you spend your morning really sets the tone for the rest of the day.
  8. What’s the biggest surprise you’ve had?
    • Not really a fan of surprises, but I like to surprise people. I loved surprising my siblings on a weekend coming home from college.
  9. Heels or flats/sneakers?
    • Sneakers. Slowly turning into a sneaker head haha
  10. Vintage or new?
    • I hate to say it… new. But I am all about sustainable fashion.
  11. Style icon?
    • Maggie Macdonald, Sofia Coelho, Danielle Bernstein.
  12. What are three things you can’t live without?
  13. What’s one ingredient you put in everything?
    • Cinnamon
  14. What three people living or dead would you like to make dinner for?
    • Phil Knight, John Mulaney, Harry Styles
  15. What’s your biggest fear in life?
    • Not using my full potential.
  16. Window of aisle seat?
    • Aisle, I drink too much water to take the window.
  17. What’s your current TV Obsession?
    • Arrested Development. I swear everyone needs to watch this show Jason Bateman can do no wrong haha
  18. Favorite app?
    • Instagram
  19. Secret talent?
    • I am super good at the limbo, it’s a great party trick.
  20. Most adventurous thing you’ve done in your life?
    • Going abroad at 19 knowing no one and not having family go with me.
  21. How would you define yourself in three words?
    • Determined, Compassionate, Independent
  22. Favorite piece of clothing you own?
  23. Must have clothing item everyone should own?
  24. Superpower you want?
    • Teleportation. I would save sooo much money.
  25. What’s inspiring in your life right now?
  26. Best piece of advice you’ve received?
    • Stay single in college. LOL
  27. Best advice you’d give your teenage self?
    • Speak up more. You can still have your own feelings while taking others into consideration.
  28. A book everyone should read?
  29. What would you want to be remembered for?
    • Treating everyone with respect and making people feel their best.
  30. How do you define beauty?
    • It is in the eye of the beholder.
  31. What do you love most about your body?
    • My height (I’m 5’9)
  32. Best way to take a rest/decompress?
    • Read! Reading is such an escape.
  33. If your life were a song, what would the title be?
    • Work Hard Play Hard
  34. If you could master one instrument, what would it be?
    • Guitar
  35. What is your spirit animal?
    • A frenchie
  36. Best gift you’ve ever received?
    • Handwritten letters; they are above any dollar value gift.
  37. What’s your favorite board game?
  38. What is your favorite color?
    • Blue
  39. Least favorite color?
    • Purple
  40. Diamonds or pearls?
    • Diamonds
  41. Drugstore makeup or designer?
    • Whichever one is made from clean products.
  42. Blow-dry or air-dry your hair?
    • Air dry always.
  43. Pilates or yoga?
    • Yoga
  44. Coffee or tea?
    • Tea
  45. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
    • Dark Chocolate
  46. Summer or winter?
    • Summer… going to school in Michigan has made me appreciate the heat.
  47. You are stuck on an island, you can pick one food to eat forever without getting tired of it, what would you eat?
    • Fresh spring rolls
  48. A dessert you don’t like?
    • I am the world’s least pickiest eater, I will eat anything I can! (But nothing with gluten or dairy, major stomach issues)
  49. Best thing to happen to you today?
  50. Worst thing to happen to you today?
    • Didn’t have avocados to put in my lettuce wrap for lunch… lol
  51. Best compliment you’ve ever received?
    • I inspire someone.
  52. Favorite smell?
  53. Last piece of content you consumed that made you cry?
    • The Morning Show on Apple TV; such an amazing show but definitely an emotional investment.
  54. Lipstick or lip gloss?
    • Lip gloss
  55. Sweet of savory?
    • Sweet, I have the worst sweet tooth.
  56. How you know you’re in love?
    • I’m not sure… haven’t had that happen enough times to pinpoint what it feels like.
  57. Song you can listen to on repeat?
    • What More Can I Say by NxWorries
  58. If you could switch lives with someone for the day who would it be?
    • North West. I am dying to know what it is like to have Kim Kardashian as a mom and Kanye West as a dad haha.
  59. What are you most excited about at this time in your life?
    • Opportunity. Being home for a long time has made me realize so much of what life has to offer and I am so excited to see where I go.
  60. Your go to for having a good laugh?
    • Talking to my sister.
  61. Who would you say your role model was growing up?
    • My mom.
  62. What would you consider to be your uniform?
    • My everyday jewelry, bike shorts, tshirt/hoodie, and TNA slides
  63. What’s your guilty pleasure?
    • Queso. It’s the only thing I’ll take a Lactaid pill for haha.
  64. What is something you really want to try but haven’t yet?
    • Run a marathon
  65. What motivates you everyday?
    • My family
  66. What negative experience has made you come out for the better?
    • Going to college far from home really pushed me out of my shell. And I think that was a big jump but has made me a better person.
  67. What is your current obsession?
  68. Who makes you laugh the hardest?
    • My sister, you never know what is going to come out of that girls mouth.
  69. What makes you feel the most beautiful?
    • When I feel refreshed and healthy.
  70. Favorite place to visit that is not home?
    • France. Like I have said, I am dying to go back.
  71. If you could raid one person’s closet, who would it be?
    • Hailey Bieber. Her wedding dress still has me in awe.
  72. What will you miss most about college?
    • Being a two minute walk down the street from some of my best friends.
  73. Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?
    • At 30 I want to look back on my 20’s and see the progress I have made on my career and how I have identified myself as a brand. I hope to have worked in my desired field in some aspect, and hopefully be in a relationship or married? Too far in advance for that haha but who knows!