Trend Forecasting For 2021

2020 was an unexpected year for fashion. Vogue and Harpers Bazaar predicted trends such as feathers, multi-tiered clothing items, waistcoats and more, but these forecast did not make it out of many people’s homes. With the pandemic hitting at the beginning of the year it forced everyone to stay home and adjust to new fashion norms. Since we were (and are) home longer than expected, working professionals needed to find a daily routine that kept them moving and motivated. And what is the first thing you could do to shift your mood in the morning? Change your outfit.

We said goodbye to many trends forecasted for 2020 and made our own. Clothing items such as matching lounge sets, bike shorts, casual leather and more were closet essentials to fulfill a trendy stay-at-home wardrobe. Seeing this transition shows the power we have to shift fashion norms within society.

As we enter 2021, there are trends that I see carrying on into the new year and beyond. Spring and summer runway shows have shown what will be released this year, and while they are amazing, they don’t always fit with everyone’s lifestyle. This is based on my studies and admiration for the fashion industry , but here are my trend predications you’ll actually wear in 2021.

***Again, I do not have any education on this subject, just a high interest. There is never a need to follow trends, always wear what you feel comfortable and confident in (:

style fashion vest puffer vest clothes 
outfit inspo


Yes, VEST. My preppy fourteen your old self is screaming. Not your old J.Crew puffer vest, but more of a sporty, boxy look. Oversized is everything and in the colder months it starts with a puffer vest.

knitwear turtleneck skims Kim Kardashian long sleeve

Tight Knitwear

Second-skin tops will be everywhere. I am SUCH a fan of this as tight long sleeves turtlenecks are my favorite. Snug knitwear will give you that warm, second skin layer that you can definitely transition into the spring and summer months.

athleisure outfit work workout outfit sweatshirt sweat set

Acceptance of Athleisure

COVID really changed the game with this one. Now, matching sweat sets are seen as “put together”, which is socially acceptable to wear in many places. Specifically, it is changing in the workplace. I wrote an article for VIM Magazine on this topic that you can read about here.

pink green blue style dress sweater

Powerpuff Girls Color Palette

While this may seem an odd way to describe it, bubblegum pink, french blue and lime green will be all of the rage in the spring and summer months. Slowly incorporating these colors into you basic, neutral wardrobe will be seen everywhere from the runways to Instagram.

flip flops Chucky slides sandals shoes

Chunky Sandals

I will never be mad about a chunky shoe. Chucky sneakers were the first wide-footbed sandal to come back in recent years, and now we are leaning more towards sandals. Chucky thong sandals seem to be leading in this category, but slides will be right up with them.

nail inspo nail polish French manicure

Natural Nails

No, this does not mean giving up your bi-weekly manicure. 2020 was all about the colorful nail art, but has slowly been leading into more natural styles like French tips. And while the French tip trend has incorporated plenty of color, this will continue to trend in a natural direction. Translucent polish will definitely be something you need to pick up on your next grocery store run.

monochromatic outfit vest skirt shirt fashion style


Another color scheme trend, and not mad about it. Pairing different shades of the same color together looks chic – whether that is a workout or suit set.

sustainability athleisure workout clothes eco earth friendly


I have talked about this before on my blog and I have continued to learn more about sustainability and how it takes such a toll on retail. Brands such as Sporty and Rich, Girlfriend Collective, Pangaia, and more will rise against their competitors this year as they take more eco-conscious steps in materials and production.

trousers dad pants jeans oversized

Your Dad’s Pants But Better

This was a trend in 2020 and it is sticking around this upcoming year. From denim to trousers, extra oversized pants are not going anywhere. And trust me, they will be paired with plenty of tiny tops.

Fall Fashion Is Back

One of my favorite times of the year is finally here – fall.

Growing up in Texas fall was never a huge part of my life because it is always hot there. But since moving to Michigan that mentality has completely changed. Everyone here is obsessed with this season and I totally understand why. The changing of the trees is amazing and going to the cider mills is essentially a lifestyle. I have fully adapted to Michigan fall’s. I do all of the “basic” seasonal things, and they are all great. Even with all of these great fall traditions to experience up north there is still something I love above all others – fall fashion. Back in Texas we had to pretend it was below eighty degrees, and we would pull out our boots and sweaters anyways. Here you can ACTUALLY dress accordingly with the weather and make a statement. Which as the end of the day is what matters.

Enough with the backstory – this season’s fall fashion has me swooning. I haven’t been this excited to wear a sweater vest since I shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch. That’s just one of my fall fashion staples for 2020. Here is what I have been loving (whether I have it or not) and where you can get your hands on some of my favorite pieces.

Sweater Vest

This was the first staple I thought of so naturally it has to come first. This is best transitional piece there is; part sweater & part tank. Channel your inner preppy school girl with this sweater from ASOS.

Leather Leggings

Yes, leggings – not pants. While I love leather pants, realistically, you will probably be wearing leggings more. These are insanely flattering on every body type and are perfect with an oversized t-shirt or a cropped button down. These Aritzia leggings come in brown or black.

Graphic Hoodie

Graphic t-shirts are the backbone of comfy, put together outfits. With the warmer weather coming to an end, graphic hoodies are going to be the perfect thing for feeling complete when I am not going anywhere. Shop hoodies like this from Travis Scott’s McDonald’s merch collab.

Suede Boots

I am never one to go for suede because I am waaay too clumsy for that material; I ruin it so fast. But, boots like this are quickly changing my opinion. I love these boots and even though I don’t have them, they will be an addition to my closet in the near feature. Get this pair at Zara.

Oversized Leather Jackets

The bigger, the better. A few years ago oversized denim was the “thing”, and now oversized leather is back and better than ever. Pair this with a dress, your favorite workout set to run errands in, or even with pajamas. Literally everything. Shop more like this on Zara.

Pinch Waist Denim

This summer and still now, denim is all about the baggier the better. But sometimes you can get lost in the fabric. These pinch waist jeans from Agolde are exactly what I have been looking for; distressed, straight, long, and they cinch at the waist to complete any look.

Mock Neck Tops

Fall was absolutely made for mock necks. They are the ideal transition to a turtleneck, which will forever be my favorite winter style. Shop this shirt on Aritzia.

Bra Tops

Cold weather is here but crop tops have not gone anywhere. I have been obsessing over the the bra top look; especially with a matching cardigan. Zara has been the perfect place to look for these pieces so get them before they are gone – and before it actually gets too cold to wear them.

Animal Prints

I have never been too crazy about animal prints. But right now, they are the perfect way for me to spice up my very minimalistic style. I am obsessed with this jacket on Revolve by For Love & Lemons, and I am sure you can find more like this on other stores such as Zara, ASOS and more.

Chunky Sole Boots

SOMEONE, please buy these so I can live through you. This pair is from Storets, and it an amazing dupe for my favorite pair of Bottega Veneta boots. They only go up to a size eight and are going quick, so grab them ASAP.