Sustainable Fashion: What to Know

As a college student I often look for the the cheaper alternative when it comes to purchasing clothes. I used to turn to brand that are know as part of the “fast-fashion” industry due to their convenient price and accessibility. These clothing items always seem to do the job but in a few months they are torn, worn or ready to be given away. This made me want to steer clear of these companies, as I knew there was a better alternative for the items I was purchasing. This is where researching and investing in sustainable pieces became part of my purchasing routine.

I have been conscious about what my clothes materials and ecological footprint they leave on the environment for about a year now. I have done so much research about sustainable materials, environmentally friendly brands, etc. and have found that most of my favorite places to get clothes from already have products that fit this sustainable mold. I have listed my favorite places/ items to shop down below, as well as brands I would like to try. If you would like to read more about sustainable fashion, you can click here.


ASOS is a company that many people are familiar with, but falls under the category of people thinking it is another “fast fashion” website. I have many clothes, swimsuits and accessories from here that are all made from sustainable or recycled materials! ASOS actually has a feature where you can sort by responsibility, so you can only see items that are eco friendly. I have linked some of my favorite items in the list below:

Morgan Stewart Sport

I cannot say enough good things about this line. For starters, I love Morgan Stewart as a person. Her whole lounge and active wear line is chic and high quality. All cotton-based products such as sweatshirts, sweatpants, polos, etc. are 100% organic cotton, which is very biodegradable. While stretchy materials such as sports bras and leggings are made of nylons, the quality makes up for having to buy bras again and again. Along with majority eco-friendly materials, products are made in the USA. My all-time favorite products from here are:


Agolde, the sister company of Citizens of Humanity, is another high quality brand based out of LA. This brand of jeans has grown immensely in popularity in 2019 and 2020 but all for good reasons. They are dedicated to eco-friendly materials, as their denim is made from 100% non GMO organic cotton. While Agolde is priced decently high, it is for very valid reasons in materials and production.


When talking about sustainable fashion, it is almost impossible to forget to mention Curtsy . Curtsy is a stoppable resell app targeted towards girls who are in high school, college, the workforce; a go-getter individual. I have worked for Curtsy at Michigan State and have fallen in love with the app. I HIGHLY recommend buying/ selling clothes on Curtsy! (If you want $10 off your first purchase use the code GGUC ☺)

Sporty & Rich

Sporty & Rich is a brand that I just purchased something from. I have heard so many great things about the brand and the founder Emily Oberg which is what drew me to the company. The name Sporty & Rich is not meant to be taken literally but that if you live an active lifestyle, you will get the most out of your life; which is something I heavily believe and live by. All products are environmentally friendly and made in the USA.

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Here are other brands that I would like to try and have heard great things about:

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