10 TikTok Fashion Accounts I Will Never Unfollow

Like many others, I have spent an embarrassing amount of time on TikTok since we began quarantine in March. I love the idea that everyone’s for you page is tailored to their liking as it works similarly to a live Instagram explore page. Very much like my explore page, most of the TikToks that come up are retail related. Whether that be a styling video, a haul or even a small business, fashion TikToks are what I love to consume and what many others love as well. Here are my top twelve fashion-related accounts I think you should follow right now.


for comfy streetwear


also has a bomb Revolve collection


for the sneaker heads


for a little bit of everything


the queen of minimalistic chic


insane men’s fashion (Vogue thinks so too)


creator of the infamous One Twelves


you know her from YouTube and Instagram


my ultimate style Inso


for obvious reasons. And they are always doing giveaways

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