Why I Do Words Of The Week

Words are important, which is why I take the time out of each week to write. Write about things I love, things I don’t love, what I recommend, and things I hope to love. Remembering to take time for yourself to better you is so important. Even thought I am so adamant on being productive for yourself, it is okay to take a step back. And I often forget that.

Each week, doing these “Words Of The Week” (WOTW) entries is something that keeps me grounded. Every day you wake up is a day to be thankful for and cherish all of the amazing things around you. And every week is a completely fresh start, which is why I like to start my week off with some encouraging words or affirmations. All of the quotes I use I pull from Instagram. I see them throughout the week and if I see one that really sticks with me, I will save it for later. Some weeks I find more than others and other times I have to dig to find quotes that resonate with me. But at the end of the day, they all lift up my spirit just a little bit before I start whatever the week is throwing at me in days to come.

I started these WOTW entires to remind myself things will be okay. Over quarantine, like many people, life hit me like a truck. A monster truck. I quickly came to the realization that I was dropped from my summer internship, offered a full time position post grad, figured out I will be graduating in November; you get the point. This was a lot to handle especially since I was spending so much time by myself. I have always been someone that has had an easy time being by myself, but this was on a whole different level. I was overthinking everything life decision whether it was in my relationships, career path, education or lifestyle choices. In order to try to get a grasp on things I quickly grounded myself by putting focus into my career path – starting a very small freelance graphic design Instagram and creating my own website. I put so much time and effort into these two things it consumed my summer job, and I ended up working on these things almost full time. I found something that made me so unbelievably excited and happy, something that I really needed and had not found in a long time. When I first was creating content, I was coming across all types of quotes, bible verses and reminders for anxiety that I just loved reading. They helped me so much and has truly benefited me in so many ways. I knew after saving them for a while, I needed to post about them every week in slight hopes that people would see them. Do people see them? Probably not. I try top post them to Instagram where I definitely have more of a following than my few blog followers. They definitely still get clicked through on my Instagram story, but I know that I put them there and they even help one person, that is what matters.

So yes, words are so important, bad words, good words, and motivational words. Words encourage us and remind us that we are not alone in anything we are going through. Words tell us that yes we can. So be thankful for them, read them, and know that when I post my WOTW yes they are for me, but I hope you see them too (:

Click here to see all of my past Words.

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