YAY for fall and DOUBLE YAY for fall fashion. A couple weeks back I posted about what I thought was the backbone of fall fashion for this season. Some of the things I already had, and others were just items I loved. I have done some very unnecessary shopping over the past couple weeks for a collective mini haul to share with y’all. Everything will be linked and I am hoping to style these things soon!

Botanic Butterfly Crewneck

Growth Takes Patience Botanic Butterfly Crewneck, size M

Botanic Butterfly Sweatpants

Botanic Butterfly Sweatpants, Size M

Kosas Revealer Concealer

Kosas Revealer Concealer in the shade 3.5

ASOS Design Knit Sweater Tank

My favorite ASOS sweater vest is sold out, but I linked one to Amazon in many colors.


This one size scarf top is sold out, but I have linked a similar top from Princess Polly.

Barney’s Leather Jacket

Barney’s Leather Jacket, size 6

ZARA Oversized Corduroy Shirt

Purchased in the color Blue, size M

ZARA Split Skinny Hi-Rise Jeans

Purchased in the color Black, size US 6.

Zara Poplin Shirt

Not oversized, purchased in size XL.

Tower 28 ShineOn Lip Jelly

In the shade Clear

Cavendar’s Western Boot

Rustic wash, size 9

Outdoor Voices Rec Kit

If you bundle them together you save! Size small in both.

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