New Year Same Words

Happy 2021, 2020 sure was a year. While this was one of the most difficult years the world as faced as a whole in a long time, it pushed me to grow further than I could have ever imagined. Life hit me FAST, but in the best way possible. Through the ups and downs of 2020, I had a lot to learn. Each week I started my week off by choosing my words of the week – a task that kept me grounded. Quotes like “do it now, you’ll thank yourself in six months” and “things work out when you let them” really guided me to be my most authentic and positive self.

While I took a break from blogging, I picked up on my education and career. I needed a break to focus on my education and future plans, something that had been haunting me for months. Everything has since been sorted out, settled down, and is now ready for whatever life brings me. I am back in 2021, and what better place to start than with more words?

The words I chose are not just for this week, but for the year. These words are based off of topics I learned in 2020 and will carry with me into 2021. While yes, these are my words and I love to share them, I hope other people find their words. Find what will push you to your best self and let that motivate you through a new mindset and year.

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