The Best Swimsuits By Price Range

Whether you are ready for it or not… swimsuit season is almost here. If you are up north, you are probably dreaming and maybe even planning for a trip to the beach. If you live in the south – swimsuit season is already here. Yes, I am sunburned in January.

While there is nothing more I love than a good swimsuit, WHY have they gotten so expensive over the past few years? It can be so difficult to find a swimsuit in your price range, especially one that will last you more than one season. While Zaful and Shein sound like a great idea because the swimsuits are so cheap, they don’t even survive one round through the wash. As I have gotten older and become more educated on the fashion industry, I try my best to avoid purchasing from fast-fashion empires like Zaful and Shein. Being more conscious about where are purchasing your clothing helps the environment yourself! Why? Because your clothes will probably last longer.

Let me save you the trouble of searching the internet for the best bikinis – they are right here. AND they are sorted by price range.

Swimsuits $200-$150

Swimsuits $150-$100

Swimsuits $100-$50

Swimsuits $50 & Under

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