Small Business Feature: Rachel G Jewelry

As someone who runs a part-time small business, I have so much respect for people who chase their career goals by starting their own brand. Supporting small businesses is so important and a great thing to do as a consumer. You can build relations with the shop owner, help them grow and share their products via social media or with friends and family.

A small business I just love: Rachel G Jewelry.

I discovered Rachel G Jewelry during a far too long Instagram session, but am so happy I stumbled across the page. Ran out of New York City, Rachel G Jewelry has many pieces ranging from gold necklaces to resin rings, and seems to hit all of the right places including classic and trendy designs. While she creates her own pieces, Rachel G Jewelry also carries specialty jewelry from collaborations she has done with Cailin Russo and King Princess.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my bubble letter K necklace, which is from Rachel’s Juicy Bubble collection on her website. I have never seen anything like it and think it is such a fun spin on initial jewelry. I have the gold single initial charm, but they are also available in silver as a single charm and gold or silver in a name plate. Made with gold vermeil, this is super durable and high quality lasting longer than other gold plated options, which is something I look for when purchasing jewelry.

Juicy Bubble Collection

Another popular item that Rachel G Jewelry sells is an array of resin retro cocktail rings. Many could say this trend was brought into the spring and summer seasons by Emma Chamberlin, who wears many of Rachel’s rings. Varying in size, color and detail resin rings are a spunky, 90’s trend that will absolutely be sticking around this summer. And the prices? Great. Rachel G Jewelry resin rings start at $20 so if you are looking for handmade, affordable rings to add some color to your wardrobe, look no further.

Retro Cocktail Rings

I genuinely have nothing but great things to say about this brand. Rachel, the shop owner, is extremely nice helping me track orders, making sure items get here on time and overall I can tell she really cares about her brand. I will be continuing to purchase from her and I recommend you do too (:

Shop Rachel G Jewelry HERE

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