Aritzia, I Love You, But We Need To Talk

Aritzia, Aritzia, Aritzia. The new colt favorite (and personal favorite of mine) has been steadily releasing their fall collections throughout the month of August. First came Wilfred, then came TNA, now comes Sunday Best.

Sunday Best is an Aritzia in-house brand that is tailored more towards their Gen-Z customer. The many tennis skirts, sweater vests and baby tee’s are the 90’s reinvention that we didn’t know we needed. And this 90’s to early 2000’s look is all the rage and a huge hit with the company’s target audience. But there is one issue with this style being so popular – the copying of designs from other companies.

I was beyond excited to see Sunday Best’s fall collection, but there were a few things that stuck out to me from their release. Their graphic tee’s are almost exact designs from Réalisation Par and Brandy Melville.

On the left, Aritzia, on the right, Brandy Melville.

While this original design from Brandy Melville has been copied many times in fast fashion, I was not expecting to this at Aritzia in their fall collection. They have also made similar designs on other shirts with the words “Ranger”, “Rodeo Kid” and “Buckaroo”.

The second design that I immediately recognized from another brand is this shirt originally designed by Réalisation Par. This brand rapidly increased in popularity through social media as their floral dresses were seen on many influencers throughout the summer. Their dresses weren’t the only thing that stuck out on their website. Their unique baby tee’s were flying off the shelves. Constantly sold out, this is an immediately recognizable shirt. So I was yet again shocked to see this on Aritzia’s website. Aritzia and Réalisation Par bring in the same kind of customer, so this won’t go unnoticed.

On the left, Aritzia, on the right, Réalisation Par.

While unfortunately designs are copied all the time, I am disappointed with these pieces from Aritzia. What sets Aritzia apart form its competitors is its timeless, unique yet classy pieces that are wardrobe staples to keep in your closet for years. But with this collection that is launching on Thursday, it shows that the company is taking a different approach to reach their target audience. And to be honest, the target has been missed. By this ever so slight rebrand from Sunday Best, they are putting themselves on the same playing field as other overdone Gen-Z brands. What they have works, there is not need to change that and it shows in their numbers. Some of their past quarters have hit company records in terms of revenue, so I am curious, why the change to be like everyone else?

The collection comes out tomorrow. While I will be browsing the new items, you won’t find me making any purchases from Sunday Best.

What You Need From Aritzia’s Clientele Sale

If you have read any of my previous blog posts… you know I have a crippling love for Aritzia. But the price tag? Not so much. Lucky enough their annual clientele sale is going on right now, with twenty to fifty percent off everything if you’re a loyal customer. If you are not yet part of the clientele sale, don’t worry. They have many other items up to fifty percent off for you to try. Making a few purchase during this sale isn’t a want, but a need.

With half of my wardrobe coming from this store, I have found truly the best pieces and will tell you what is worth your money.

Oh and I recommend heading to before everything sells out. Sale ends 06/20.

TNA Cozy Fleece Boyfriend Hoodie

I only have this hoodie in one color due to the steep price for a plain hoodie, but that will change when the weather starts to get colder. I have this in black and have washed it a MILLION times and there is not one sign of wear.

TNA Tennis Skirt

I don’t own this skirt but I bought it for my sister for her birthday and she wears it all the time. It is super light and flowy with built in shorts, and isn’t too athletic so it an be dressed up or down.

Megan’s rating: 8/10

TnaLIFE Atmosphere Hi-Rise Short

I talked about these in my very first blog post almost a year ago they are still a favorite. I work out and lounge in these – they are basically a second skin.

TNA Cozy Fleece Perfect Hi-Rise Short

Again with the cozy fleece, it just doesn’t miss. I have two pairs of the three inch short, but it comes in other lengths including two, five and six inches.

TNA Oritz T-Shirt

This is hands down the best cropped t-shirt I have ever owned. I have this in white and brown and have worn it into the ground. I wear a size medium and it is tight fitting, but not in a “it’s too small” way.

Sunday Best Kicker 90’s Baggy Straight Jeans

When it comes to denim I am an avid Agolde lover. But again the price is not ideal for my post-grad budget. These jeans from Aritzia are the closest dupe I have found in length, style and material. They are the perfect straight jeans and hit just above my ankle. Even though they are just a plain pair of jeans, they are cut extremely trendy and flattering. And right now they are only $68.

Sunday Best Honors Tank

Want to know how I know this is the perfect tank? I have it in three colors.

Good thing it comes in nineteen more!

5 Things You Need From Aritzia’s TNA Spring 21 Collection

The text between my sister and I when we saw this collection preview yesterday morning are embarrassing. We are a bit too excited.

If you know me at all, you know I am an Aritzia lover. Aritzia is the ultimate store to get your elevated basics – which is all I wear. Any time there is a new release at the store my alarm is set because everything sells out so quickly. Everything.

Majority of my wardrobe is from Aritzia, so I would say I know most of these items to a tee. I could tell you my favorite things, but I could also tell you what’s worth the purchase from each collection. Below are my recommendations on what you need to buy from Aritzia’s TNA Spring 21 collection.

Marcy Vest

The sweater vest trend is still around. This season I am seeing more people ditching their oversized vest for a cropped one, as it can be worn on its own or layered with a turtleneck, matching sweats and sneakers.

Clay Sweater

A modern take on a classic Ralph Lauren sweater, this v neck knit is the perfect transition piece from winter to spring. Aritzia’s sweaters are unmatched, so I know this is going to be a must have.

Bedford Dress

More of a retro take on the OV Exercise dress, the Bedford Dress is perfect for running errands or tennis. Super easy to style and wear, ideal for warmer months coming up.

Fargo Tank

So simple, yet such a staple. As I said in the intro the basics from Aritzia last forever, as they are the best quality. I have multiple tanks from here and the cut of this one is a little different, so it will definitely make it into my basket tomorrow.

Hi-Rise Atmosphere Legging

This legging is almost an identical dupe to the Lululemon Align legging but better. They are thicker, can hold up during a workout but are still perfect for lounging. They have been out for a while, but they have new colors like this blue dropping tomorrow.

Cozy Fleece Boyfriend 5″ Sweatshort

These. Shorts. I cannot wait and want them in every color. I have the hi-rise 3″ sweat shorts and I wear them with everything. They come in a variety of colors so you don’t have to buy an exact matching sweatshirt to have the perfect matching set.

Winter Outerwear To Keep You Looking and Feeling Hot

As much as I don’t think so, it’s still winter. For some reason as soon as January hits I want to buy all of the spring and summer pieces. BUT, I live up north for most of the year, so shorts are out of the question until May. Whether you live in the freezing cold or not, coats are a necessity during the early months of the year. Dress these up, dress these down, here are some of the coats and jackets you still need this winter & spring season.

Aritzia Super Puff

This is the ultimate puffer. Aritzia’s infamous Super Puff coat comes in many color, lengths, and is made for men and women. I have the Super Puff Midi Coat in red to spice up my very bland wardrobe and I could not love it more.

Stand Studio Aubrey Coat

I don’t own this jacket, but it is my ultimate dream coat. With shearling making a huge comeback right now, this has just a peak of the material around the stitching of the coat. P.S., this won’t be the last Stand Studio coat you see in this post.

Boys Lie The Inside Out Jacket

This fall and leading into this year the “shacket” look has bee all over Instagram. This shirt jacket combination is perfect if you live in a warmer climate and don’t need a down coat to keep you warm. This Boys Lie take on the shacket doubles as chic and comfortable – what more could you want?

Tularosa Lundun Vegan Suede Jacket

Last year we saw plenty of western flair in cowboy boots, and I will never stop wearing them. But, now western-like style is being shown through clothing items like this fringe jacket. Fringe will be seen all over bags and other clothing items this year, so get ahead of the trend with this jacket from Revolve.

The Frankie Shop Down Belted Overcoat

If you’re looking for anything oversized, The Frankie Shop is it. I am swooning over this puffer overcoat. The detachable belt allows you to cinch the waist, or remove it to maintain the oversized “Hailey Bieber” look you are going for.

Lioness Staten Island Jacket

Another warm(er) weather jacket. I love the look of an oversized leather jacket, and love the one of a cropped one even more. This very on trend brown jacket would be perfect to style with any pants, shorts, skirt, you name it. This is definitely on my shopping list and I may have to style this one too.

Stand Studio Cleo Coat

See, told you there would be more Stand Studio. This is such a unique coat and I am always so drawn to it. If you are someone who wears only neutral colors, jackets like this are the perfect thing to add life to your wardrobe.

Nike Faux Fur Oversized Swoosh Jacket

I have been chasing this jacket since the moment I saw it on Instagram at the beginning of the season, but it has sold out. Everywhere. And now it is finally back in stock at ASOS. So RUN, don’t walk to purchase this before it sells out again. This is the perfect jacket to wear with a matching workout set – almost even better than jeans and a sweater.

& Other Stories Boxy Coat

This is a classic long work coat. The oversized fit allows you too pair it with bulky sweaters and sweatshirts with ease, or again just wear this as an oversized look. The grey goes with black or brown accessories so it is the perfect happy medium.

Cotton Citizen Brooklyn Oversized Hoodie

I couldn’t even count the amount of times I have reached for a zip up hoodie this break and don’t have one to grab. This dyed zip up from Cotton Citizen is perfect for any casual outfit for days you don’t want to do anything, but still look put together. This comes in multiple colors, but I personally love this combination of warm and cool colors.

Fall Fashion Is Back

One of my favorite times of the year is finally here – fall.

Growing up in Texas fall was never a huge part of my life because it is always hot there. But since moving to Michigan that mentality has completely changed. Everyone here is obsessed with this season and I totally understand why. The changing of the trees is amazing and going to the cider mills is essentially a lifestyle. I have fully adapted to Michigan fall’s. I do all of the “basic” seasonal things, and they are all great. Even with all of these great fall traditions to experience up north there is still something I love above all others – fall fashion. Back in Texas we had to pretend it was below eighty degrees, and we would pull out our boots and sweaters anyways. Here you can ACTUALLY dress accordingly with the weather and make a statement. Which as the end of the day is what matters.

Enough with the backstory – this season’s fall fashion has me swooning. I haven’t been this excited to wear a sweater vest since I shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch. That’s just one of my fall fashion staples for 2020. Here is what I have been loving (whether I have it or not) and where you can get your hands on some of my favorite pieces.

Sweater Vest

This was the first staple I thought of so naturally it has to come first. This is best transitional piece there is; part sweater & part tank. Channel your inner preppy school girl with this sweater from ASOS.

Leather Leggings

Yes, leggings – not pants. While I love leather pants, realistically, you will probably be wearing leggings more. These are insanely flattering on every body type and are perfect with an oversized t-shirt or a cropped button down. These Aritzia leggings come in brown or black.

Graphic Hoodie

Graphic t-shirts are the backbone of comfy, put together outfits. With the warmer weather coming to an end, graphic hoodies are going to be the perfect thing for feeling complete when I am not going anywhere. Shop hoodies like this from Travis Scott’s McDonald’s merch collab.

Suede Boots

I am never one to go for suede because I am waaay too clumsy for that material; I ruin it so fast. But, boots like this are quickly changing my opinion. I love these boots and even though I don’t have them, they will be an addition to my closet in the near feature. Get this pair at Zara.

Oversized Leather Jackets

The bigger, the better. A few years ago oversized denim was the “thing”, and now oversized leather is back and better than ever. Pair this with a dress, your favorite workout set to run errands in, or even with pajamas. Literally everything. Shop more like this on Zara.

Pinch Waist Denim

This summer and still now, denim is all about the baggier the better. But sometimes you can get lost in the fabric. These pinch waist jeans from Agolde are exactly what I have been looking for; distressed, straight, long, and they cinch at the waist to complete any look.

Mock Neck Tops

Fall was absolutely made for mock necks. They are the ideal transition to a turtleneck, which will forever be my favorite winter style. Shop this shirt on Aritzia.

Bra Tops

Cold weather is here but crop tops have not gone anywhere. I have been obsessing over the the bra top look; especially with a matching cardigan. Zara has been the perfect place to look for these pieces so get them before they are gone – and before it actually gets too cold to wear them.

Animal Prints

I have never been too crazy about animal prints. But right now, they are the perfect way for me to spice up my very minimalistic style. I am obsessed with this jacket on Revolve by For Love & Lemons, and I am sure you can find more like this on other stores such as Zara, ASOS and more.

Chunky Sole Boots

SOMEONE, please buy these so I can live through you. This pair is from Storets, and it an amazing dupe for my favorite pair of Bottega Veneta boots. They only go up to a size eight and are going quick, so grab them ASAP.

The Ultimate College Capsule Wardrobe for Fall 2020

With a horrible shopping habit comes excessive (but sometimes necessary) spending. I have been constantly looking for back to school clothes, even though I know this is not the normal back to school we are all used to. In order to avoid over-stuffing my closet I thought about purchasing items to begin a capsule wardrobe – but college edition.

If you are unfamiliar with a capsule wardrobe, it is essentially a closet that consist of roughly 37 pieces. Eighty percent basics, twenty percent seasonal. Many people with a sustainable lifestyle follow this wardrobe and spending technique.

Yes, I have more than 37 pieces in my wardrobe; but I am trying to cut down and reduce by getting rid of things I don’t wear that often. A rule of thumb to use is get rid of something if you haven’t worn it in three months. If you really liked it, you’d wear it by now.

Have I considered excessive back to school shopping? Yes. Have I acted on it? Not quite. I have created the ultimate capsule wardrobe specifically for college students, because our closet looks different than someone working in the workforce or someone in high school. If you are looking to build your back to school wardrobe look no further.


White Cropped T-shirt

White Oversized Button Down

Oversized Leather Jacket

Boyfriend Jeans


Sweat Set (Top)

Sweat Set (Bottom)

Black Tank Top

Bike Shorts

Going Out Top

Puffer Jacket

Denim Shorts

Oversized Blazer



Workout Set (Top)

Workout Set (Bottom)

Brunch Blouse


Oversized Tee


Lounge Shorts

Rubber Sole Boots


Shoulder/ Crossbody Bag

White Sneakers


Gold Hoops

Baseball Cap



Unique Denim Skirt

Flowy Mini Skirt

Printed Mini Dress

Tube Top

Bucket Hat

Tailgate Clothes