The Ultimate College Capsule Wardrobe for Fall 2020

With a horrible shopping habit comes excessive (but sometimes necessary) spending. I have been constantly looking for back to school clothes, even though I know this is not the normal back to school we are all used to. In order to avoid over-stuffing my closet I thought about purchasing items to begin a capsule wardrobe – but college edition.

If you are unfamiliar with a capsule wardrobe, it is essentially a closet that consist of roughly 37 pieces. Eighty percent basics, twenty percent seasonal. Many people with a sustainable lifestyle follow this wardrobe and spending technique.

Yes, I have more than 37 pieces in my wardrobe; but I am trying to cut down and reduce by getting rid of things I don’t wear that often. A rule of thumb to use is get rid of something if you haven’t worn it in three months. If you really liked it, you’d wear it by now.

Have I considered excessive back to school shopping? Yes. Have I acted on it? Not quite. I have created the ultimate capsule wardrobe specifically for college students, because our closet looks different than someone working in the workforce or someone in high school. If you are looking to build your back to school wardrobe look no further.


White Cropped T-shirt

White Oversized Button Down

Oversized Leather Jacket

Boyfriend Jeans


Sweat Set (Top)

Sweat Set (Bottom)

Black Tank Top

Bike Shorts

Going Out Top

Puffer Jacket

Denim Shorts

Oversized Blazer



Workout Set (Top)

Workout Set (Bottom)

Brunch Blouse


Oversized Tee


Lounge Shorts

Rubber Sole Boots


Shoulder/ Crossbody Bag

White Sneakers


Gold Hoops

Baseball Cap



Unique Denim Skirt

Flowy Mini Skirt

Printed Mini Dress

Tube Top

Bucket Hat

Tailgate Clothes

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