Home Workouts Are Here To Stay

Working out has always been a large part of my life as my life revolves heavily around health. Before quarantine, my favorite way to workout was spin classes. While it is still my favorite way to workout, I have had to find alternatives due to not having a bike at home (or the money to afford one). Like many others, I have turned to YouTube and other workout programs. At first they were difficult to get used to, but now they are a part of my daily routine; and I am not looking back.

Since March I have found amazing at home workouts that I add to my routine every week. Staying active from home has opened me up to new ways of working out such as yoga, pilates and viewing my everyday activities as “movement”. Popularity in at-home workouts has increased immensely, and many people have become comfortable with discovering new ways to stay fit without being in a gym or class setting. You can purchase weights at home, build muscle using your own body mass and focus on yourself without feeling the pressure of being surrounded by others.

Below I have listed my favorite at home workout programs, Instagram accounts, etc. so you can discover them yourself.

***Side note, working out is for YOU! I stay active to make myself feel better, not to compare myself to others. That is much easier said than done, but focusing your mind to your muscles really allows you to stay centered. Don’t let the media (or this post) think you should be working out. Do what is best for you and everything will come full circle ☺

Melissa Wood Health

For yoga, pilates, treadmill workouts and more.


For quick workouts to pair together.


On Instagram. My go to for at home circuits and weights.

Peloton App

The perks of the workout equipment, minus the hefty price.


This seems self explanatory, but walking is a relaxing form of just movement. Listen to a podcast while walking! (My favorite podcast will be linked here soon)

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