Back-To-School Quarantine Essentials

No matter where you are of what grade you are in, school looks a little bit different this year. Primary and secondary education as well as universities are holding classes in a multitude of ways. Regardless of the situation, most people have lots of classes from home. While normally this would be every students dream to have school from home, it does drastically change your routine. From the clothes you wear to the tools you use, it can be difficult to get back to a “normal routine” when no setting will be a true normal. I have been back at school for a few weeks adapting to the new way of life. Here are some things that have helped me adapt that may help you too.

Sleeping Mask

Some days I just need a little more sleep than others. I love the Slip mask.


This is a MUST for organizing online classes. Everything seems so “easy” when it is online since it is right at your fingertips, but some things still tend to get away. This planner is the one I use is from Target.

Square Wine Glasses

These were a want that turned into a need. Definitely a self-care essential more than a back to school, but if you are in a college town 10/10 recommend (via Crate & Barrel).

Fresh Flowers

To make your inside living space a little more lively.

A Journal

Times are crazy, so right down what’s going on. I love the 5 Minute Journal as mentioned in my Digital Content You Need To Consume post.

A Workout Subscription

Yes, there are some great videos on Youtube, but a subscription service gives you something forward to look forward to. As mentioned in my Home Workouts Are Here To Stay post, I love Melissa Wood Health.


Want to feel put together while still comfortable? A sweatsuit is always the answer. Shop them form Aritzia, Boys Lie, MadHappy, Pangaia and more.

A Shower Routine

This sounds weird, but has been my best form of resetting during anxious and stressful times. Find a routine for you to unwind, relax and take time for yourself. School can still be stressful even though it is online!

A Workspace

As comfortable as it is, your bed isn’t a place to work. Getting out of bed for class is key to keeping a “routine”.

10 Bike Shorts That Aren’t Sold Out

Yes you can work out in them & yes, these are actually in stock.

I hopped on the biker short trend a while ago and now they are everywhere; for a good reason. They double as a workout staple and lounging necessity which is perfect for quarantine. Since they have risen so much in popularity, they seem to always be out of stock. Everywhere. I have researched so much about where to purchase the best available biker shorts so hopefully you can score a pair at the places below:

Nike One Women’s 7″ Shorts

This version of Nike’s bike shorts is made with their “sweat wicking fabric”. Seven inches is the perfect length in my opinion, especially for when you’re wearing super oversized t-shirts.

BONUS: Get 25% off site wide on Nike with code MOVE25

Alo High-Waist Biker Short

Yes, these look the same as the Nike one’s but they have a glossy coat over them which I am obsessed with. If you read my Vogue 73 Questions you know I love my leather leggings, but since it is definitely too hot for those right now this is the perfect alternative.

Morgan Stewart Sport Biker Short

I have talked about this brand before, so I couldn’t leave these out. This short comes in the colors of Buttercream, Ballet and Mustard.

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Free People Hang Time Short

Retailing for $48, this short is fairly affordable for a good pair of “athletic material” of bike shorts on the market. There is a 4″ inseam which is great if you are just starting out to wear bike shorts, as longer pairs are something I felt like I had to work towards.

Year of Ours V Waist Biker Short

I have recently seen these on Carbon 38 and I cannot get over the cut of them! These would be so flattering on and also have a matching top that can be purchased separately. They have a fairly high price point, but for a good reason.

BONUS: 10% off your first order from Carbon 38

Koral Slalom High Rise Reptile Shorts

Koral is an activewear brand that is commonly known for their high shine biker shorts. This is a take on their original style just in a neutral reptile print. I need these because I need to stop wearing just black and white biker shorts hahaha.

BONUS: 15% off your first order

Onzie High Rise Biker Short

I keep coming across these on Revolve and can’t get over the different prints they have available. While black is a staple, check out their printed shorts in the same style.

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Daily Paper Clothing Rebike Shorts

I saw these and immediately though “tailgates” lol. This and the matching crop top are perfect for Michigan State game days and I may just have to purchase, despite the fact we won’t be able to tailgate. A game day is a game day, go green always.

Adanola Ultimate Bike Shorts

These shorts are worn by my favorite @tialineker and I am way too obsessed with the color. They just restocked and are certain to sell out soon!

BONUS: 10% off your first order

Aritzia TNA Atmosphere Short

Ok I could not leave these out. Yes, they are commonly very back ordered but they are hands down my favorite bike short. The classic black short is not back ordered but it one hundred percent will be soon so stock up ASAP!