Digital Content You Need to Consume

Living in a digital age can be challenging. Media such as podcast, social platforms, videos, etc. are produced and consumed everyday by billions of people. I gravitate towards content in all different categories. Yes, I love fashion and lifestyle but I also have other interest that range from the music industry to health and wellness. And I love them all. Here is my favorite content right now that you should consume.

Kenzie Burke Health

When I first had to go gluten and dairy free a year ago, I had absolutely no idea where to begin or where to start. I had seen Kenzie on Instagram and saw her twenty one day guide to all things food, fitness and a sound mind. I love everything in that guide and still reference it to this day. Since then, Kenzie has made more recipes, blog post, and has just recently started a podcast titled “Food, Sex & Money“, which discusses how these things drive humans and what we are without them. Her platforms are very inspiring, refreshing and something I recommend anyone to read if you are interested in bettering yourself for you.


@kaysthetics3000 is an Instagram account I recently came across . The messages that are included in this account is ultimately what inspired me to start the Words of the Week section on my blog. Everyone needs to be reminded and refreshed of the good things in life, especially with all of the negativity that consumes our world. Whether you like her content for aesthetics or take each word mentioned throughout your day, I highly recommend the follow.

Five Minute Journal App

The amount of times that I have tried to commit to writing in a journal every night is insane. When I journal I always love how I feel afterwards, but it always seems like an inconvenience having to carry around a journal with me. I have found two solutions to this problem. 1) creating this website and 2) the five minute journal app. I have seen the physical hardcover journal and think it is a great idea, but the app is just as convenient and less expensive. The five minute journal essentially is a “toothbrush for your mind”. Five minutes for twice a day. Now that’s a commitment I can make.

Trader Joe’s Food Reviews on TikTok

Like everyone else and their mother, yes, I am obsessed with Trader Joe’s. It is relatively inexpensive and has great gluten and dairy free options so I am a regular. Even though I am a regular I never know when they have new products, or when they are getting ready to discontinue seasonal items. THIS ACCOUNT IS THE FIX. They post meals, products updates, drink ideas, etc. I always look at this account before I go grocery shopping to see what to pick up and it has never let me down.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Yet another podcast, what a surprise. How I Built This with Guy Raz has been a frequent listen lately and is great for anyone interested in business and entrepreneurship. Raz brings on guest speakers of highly successful companies and they discuss their startup and how they got to where they are today. Companies like Supergoop!, Tatcha and Outdoor Voices have been my favorite listens so far but I have many more in my queue.

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