Clean Products You Need From Sephora’s Spring Sale

It’s that time of year – Sephora’s Spring Sale. I am a Sephora addict loving everything from their skincare to fragrance. I have tried an ample amount of products, so I can tell you what’s worth it and what you can get to find the best bang for your buck.

While looking for makeup, skincare, etc. I tend to look towards clean products. Clean products are so much easier on your skin. Simple ingredients for a simple beauty look, and a simple, glowy look is exactly what I strive for. So if that’s what you like as well, I highly recommend the products below.

Drunk Elephant Bronzing Drops

These are my holy grail to keep me look like i have some life to me. These aren’t clear drops like most on the market, but a bronze color with some shine that is perfect to mix into your moisturizer.

Kosas Skin Tint

I purchased this product last summer and have bought it ever since. If you have uneven skin/ redness and just want to even out your skin tone this is perfect. It’s super light which is great for the upcoming hot spring and summer months.

Caudalíe Detox Face Mask

This is a great face mask to use a few times a week to clean out your pores. I struggle with my pores and this makes a difference. It’s a clay mask and leaves my face feeling fresh and hydrated after I rinse it off.

Ilia Tinted Lip Oil

The most natural lip color you’ll ever wear. So light and natural, it feels like I have nothing on. Honestly if I could only have one lip product for the rest of my life, it would be this.

Sephora Collection Nourishing Moisturizer

I used to be a fan of the Drunk Elephant moisturizers, but they got too pricey to continue to purchase. This is the BEST dupe I have found. And even better – it is $17.

Summer Fridays Lip Butter

You know that Laneige lip balm treatment everyone raves about? This tops it. I approve, and my mom does too. The best lip balm I have and it has lasted forever, a little goes a long way.

Nécessaire Body Wash

Nothing makes me feel more clean than this body wash. All natural ingredients, so it is great to make sure you don’t break out anywhere on your body. Also I love that this is fragrance free, because I can apply any scent of perfume after showering without it being too overbearing.

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is so important and something I am realizing as I get older. I wear this every day on my face after I apply my moisturizer, and it goes on great and doesn’t have a sunscreen smell. More of a matte, gel-like consistency.

Milk Lip & Cheek Stick

My favorite cream blush. This comes in a large and mini size, and sticks to my face like no other. Super blendable and since you can use it on your lips & cheeks, it creates a really cohesive look for your makeup.

Kosos Concealer

This concealer comes in so many shades and has great wear throughout the day. My favorite thing about this concealer is the fact that it has hyaluronic acid, so I don’t feel bad about putting this on my acne.

Clean Reserve Rain Fragrance

I am not really one for vanilla fragrances, especially in the summer. I love a clean, fresh and slightly floral scent and this is perfect. It smells fresh out of the bottle and smells more floral as the day goes on. The best of both worlds!

My Sephora Must-Haves

As much as I would love to have a Sephora sponsor me, I am definitely not at their scale – yet – for influencer marketing. Sephora is my ride or die for clean beauty products, as I have very sensitive skin and hair and need to take care of it carefully. I have recently become beauty obsessed to the point where I go to Sephora just as a way to boost my serotonin. But who doesn’t love a good self care shopping spree as self care.

I have tested many products over the past six months that I absolutely love, and you need to try them too. Here are my top eight products you need to add to your Sephora basket ASAP.

ILIA Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I have only had this product for a month or so but I am already planning on purchasing a second. The shade “Only You” is the perfect pink-nude color that gives you a moisturized pout all day. I do reapply a few times throughout the day, but it does not build to be flaky.

Makeup By Mario Master Pigement Pro Eyeliner Pencil

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This eyeliner pencil is PERFECT if you are trying to achieve a smoked out winged liner look. I am terrified of liquid liner, but this is so buildable and easy to blend. I give this a four out of five because this does smudge off easily, even with setting spray.

Kosas Tinted Face Oil Foundation

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I do not like to wear heavy foundation, so this is the perfect alternative. I purchased this back in March as a lightweight, minimal coverage product to add to my skincare and it does just that. I still use this as an everyday coverage, and even when I am doing a full face. The easiest 5/5 I will give.

Nécessaire Body Wash

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Another easy 5/5. The products this brand puts out are so clean and perfect for my sensitive skin. I have used the eucalyptus scented body wash which I love, but the fragrance free allows you to get out of the shower and lather up any scented lotion or perfume you want without mixing scents.

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is the ONLY lip balm I can use to cure chapped lips. This is perfect to wear during the day, or can be left on overnight as a treatment. My mom has been trying to cure her chapped lips, even with dermatologist prescribed products. Nothing worked until she used this. I cannot recommend this enough.

Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This serum I was hesitant about at first. Sunday Riley is such a credited brand, but I did not like how this initially felt on my face. It stung, which prompted me to wash it off. Trying again, I can’t believe I wasted the product like that! I pair this with the U.F.O Acne Oil a few times a week and it clears up my skin better than any other skincare product I have ever used.

Pureology Color Fanatic Multitasking Leave-In Spray

Rating: 5 out of 5.

For about a year I have started to color my hair slightly lighter. This has lead to some hair damage that I have been searching to cure – and THIS IS IT! This product single-handedly changed the texture of my hair. I use this multitasking detangler and heat protectant after I towel dry my hair. My hair has NEVER been so soft or shiny in my life. If there is one thing you take away from this blog post, it is that you need this hair care staple.

Maison Margiela ‘REPLICA’ Springtime In The Park Fragrance

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This scent may not be everyone’s favorite, but if you like floral scents this is for you. I have received so many compliments on this scent and it last ALL day. This is such a high end fragrance that brings you back to warm weather days.

Back-To-School Quarantine Essentials

No matter where you are of what grade you are in, school looks a little bit different this year. Primary and secondary education as well as universities are holding classes in a multitude of ways. Regardless of the situation, most people have lots of classes from home. While normally this would be every students dream to have school from home, it does drastically change your routine. From the clothes you wear to the tools you use, it can be difficult to get back to a “normal routine” when no setting will be a true normal. I have been back at school for a few weeks adapting to the new way of life. Here are some things that have helped me adapt that may help you too.

Sleeping Mask

Some days I just need a little more sleep than others. I love the Slip mask.


This is a MUST for organizing online classes. Everything seems so “easy” when it is online since it is right at your fingertips, but some things still tend to get away. This planner is the one I use is from Target.

Square Wine Glasses

These were a want that turned into a need. Definitely a self-care essential more than a back to school, but if you are in a college town 10/10 recommend (via Crate & Barrel).

Fresh Flowers

To make your inside living space a little more lively.

A Journal

Times are crazy, so right down what’s going on. I love the 5 Minute Journal as mentioned in my Digital Content You Need To Consume post.

A Workout Subscription

Yes, there are some great videos on Youtube, but a subscription service gives you something forward to look forward to. As mentioned in my Home Workouts Are Here To Stay post, I love Melissa Wood Health.


Want to feel put together while still comfortable? A sweatsuit is always the answer. Shop them form Aritzia, Boys Lie, MadHappy, Pangaia and more.

A Shower Routine

This sounds weird, but has been my best form of resetting during anxious and stressful times. Find a routine for you to unwind, relax and take time for yourself. School can still be stressful even though it is online!

A Workspace

As comfortable as it is, your bed isn’t a place to work. Getting out of bed for class is key to keeping a “routine”.