LinkedIn Post To Help With Your Job Search

After college all students want is to graduate with a job and begin to build a life of their own. During a global pandemic and worst world recession to date, that vision many college graduates have seems near to impossible. Companies do not seem to be hiring, internships are canceled and millions of people have filed for unemployment. Of course this is not what anyone expected and this can put a damper on your job search; only if you let it.

Staying optimistic during this time of uncertainty is key. Remember if you are a recent or soon to be college graduate, this pandemic isn’t just a strain on you. Lots of companies are facing financial trouble, production cutbacks, etc. that are a loss for them. Instead of focusing on what you have lost, look forward to what you can do. What will you do with your time unemployed? How will you make the most of your talents and education? What pushed you to your fullest potential? Reminding yourself of these questions will keep your mind churning through the struggles and into success.

I spend as much time on LinkedIn as I do on Instagram. I have read multiple articles on networking, job searching and personal development that may be beneficial to other college students and recent graduates. Here are the best LinkedIn post I have found to help with your job search.

How Companies Are Approaching Recruiting And Hiring (via Aritzia)

Sara Nathanson, Talent Acquisition for Aritzia, shares how her company plans on recruiting and hiring new employees. While each company will have a different plan, Aritzia showcases a welcoming community and an opportunity to apply to a “General” application that will allow your resume to be reviewed and kept on file for when your talents could be needed.

Going The Extra Mile When Applying Online

The easiest way to find a job is by going online. Since this is the easiest way to find available positions, it is how most people apply for jobs. When you apply online and just submit a resume, it often puts you on the same playing field as everyone else. This LinkedIn post gives you an easy template to follow when reaching out to an employer or recruiter and will increase your chances of being seen and remembered.

Reach Out For An Information Interview

While not all companies are hiring right now, many would still love to share information about themselves, their brands, or their journey to their current career path. People love to talk about themselves, so don’t be afraid to reach out.

LinkedIn’s Featured “Here’s Who’s Hiring Right Now”

LinkedIn has curated an area on their platform which features companies who are hiring. Job positions vary, so this up to date feed is here to help people of all entry levels and education.

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