July Favorites

My favorite music, jewelry, food and more for the month of July.


The M Jewelers Medium Ravello Hoops

These hoops are super light, and since these are gold filled they will not tarnish. Amazing (and a little thinner) dupe for the Jenna Fisher hoops.


Love & Bikinis Bikini Set

The quality on these is amazing! This is a one size fits most bikini I purchased at Hemline. Highly recommend the investment for the end of the summer season.


iPad Air & Apple Pencil

These devices have been the biggest game changer for graphic design.


5 Minute Journal App

This journal on the go has been my holy grail this past month. I featured this in my digital content you need to consume post, where you can find more information about why I highly advocate this to anyone.


July Playlist

My curated songs of the month. Please excuse the One Direction in the mix of the Pop Smoke songs, I have a very eclectic taste. If you don’t use Apple Music I made it on Spotify as well ☺


My Acai Bowl Recipe

After 5 months in quarantine, I have MASTERED the Acai bowl. I will post what I eat literally every day soon so y’all can make the same one!


Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen

I purchased this before spending a week straight in the sun and it one hundred percent saved my skin. I use this with my everyday serums and moisturizers still and love it just as much.


Perfect Bars

The most filling and best tasting protein bar there is on the market. All organic and no processed ingredients makes this bar taste like straight peanut butter, and who doesn’t want that?

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