Go-To Podcast

All summer I have listened to podcast while working, working out, making graphics, etc. so I have had plenty of time to find my favorites. Here are my favorite podcasts, and if you have any you recommend leave them in the comments (:

I Love You So Much With Kenzie Elizabeth

Kenzie Piper is commonly known for her YouTube channel, but I am so drawn towards this podcast. She is always on that “bread winning housewife” grind, and her mindset keeps me motivated and intrigued with every subject she talks about. From food to business to religion, she is my go-to.

Food, Sex & Money

Food, Sex & Money is hosted by Kenzie Burke, a holistic health and wellness influencers on social media. In this podcast she talks about what we are without people’s three most sought after things for happiness; what are we without eating good food, loving one another and wealth?

The Corp

The Corp is one of Barstools many podcast, taken to a more “professional” level. This podcast brings industry leaders to the spotlight to share their story to how they got to where they are today. This includes podcast with Ice Cube, Martha Stewart, Jeniffer Lopez and more.

The Viall Files

I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who has watched a season of the Bachelor, Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise. Nick Viall has been a part of the Bachelor Franchise for years. He brings on multiple guests such as Tyler Cameron, Reality Steve and more to talk about their experience involving the show.

How I Built This With Guy Raz

I have talked about this in my Digital Content You Need To Consume post, so check out that article for more information. This entrepreneur podcast is a must listen for any college student or business-minded person.

Okay Sis

Okay Sis is very unique in the sense that it is an “advice” podcast because the host are sisters that have. large age gap. They share their experiences with business, school, careers, etc. from each perspective and provide a welcoming atmosphere for their listeners.

Kneading Dough

Kneading Dough is a sports podcast about how athletes handle their income. Guest such as Klay Thompson, Jalen Rose and Simone Biles share about their fame and finances.

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